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Why Choose Us

We Will Make Your Place Clean & Neat

Because we are Reliable
Many of the big commercial cleaning companies are often inconsistent with their cleaners, sending different cleaners from time to time. You may find discomfort in welcoming new cleaners to your home every fortnight or so. We, however, want to build a relationship with you and our other clients. We want to win your trust through not only our quality cleaning but also through a long term relationship with you.

Because we care
We want you to be safe in the knowledge that you are not being overcharged. Hence, we charge ‘per job’ rates rather than ‘per hour’ rates so that you can avoid being overcharged for unnecessarily prolonged cleaning times.

Because we understand
We understand and realise that opening your home or office to strangers may be awkward and uncomfortable. Also, you may not feel completely safe when there is no one home whilst we are on the job. Because we understand your concerns, we do not hire employees to clean your home, rather, our team of married couples who are all police checked will clean your home and office.

Our Services

We care for your family’s health.

  • We provide professional and quality cleaning
  • Our service is punctual and reliable
  • We provide cleaning job scopes according to client requirements
  • Our team is thorough, diligent and friendly

  • We care for your family’s health so we use Eco friendly cleaning products.
How we care for your hygienic home

Not just clean- Hygienic clean

It’s important that your home looks clean but we know that it’s just as important that your home is hygienic. Unlike some home cleaning services in Sydney, we carry out our hygiene policy. Some of our hygienic cleaning methods include:

Using different cleaning cloths for different purposes – can you imagine cleaning your bathroom and your kitchen with the same cloths?
Continually maintaining the filters in our vacuum cleaners – this is because the air released from the vacuum cleaners affects the air you and your family breathe.
We love using vinegar and baking soda for our cleaning jobs even though it requires more of our effort and time.

We’re not just cleaning your house.

We’re cleaning your home. Cleaning as if we were cleaning ours to do the best job possible. We tailor our services to meet your needs.

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